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Register your street address as a dot-com domain name using and redirect it to your page on your real estate company's website or to your own web pages.

Potential buyers can find you instantly and you can establish an email address to receive and answer inquiries.

Reserve Your Street Address for only $9.99! 

What If My Street Address Is Already Taken?

Unfortunately, a lot of domain names have already been reserved. If you have a fairly common address, there is a good chance that your name has already been purchased by someone else.

Below you will find some suggestions for selecting a domain name.

Remember, domain names are not case sensitive, and you cannot have spaces in a domain name. When you print a domain name on a For Sale sign, flyer, brochure or newspaper ad, it is a good idea to capitalize the first letter of every word--they'll be easier to both read and remember. Lastly, you can use numbers as well as letters in a domain name.

If you are running out of ideas trying to find a suitable "dot com" address, you still have other alternatives ...

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