Maximize Your Exposure–Sell Your Home Faster!

  • Register your street address as a .com, .net, .us, or .ca domain.
  • Redirect your new domain to your listing on your realtor’s site, or create your own web page!
  • Establish a personal email account or alias

Your special someone’s name can be reserved exclusively for them in the form of an Internet Domain.

At any give time, there are hundreds of houses for sale in your town, city, or county. If you’re selling your home, how do you make sure it is easy for a potential buyer to get more information after a long day of looking at dozens of properties?

It’s easy! Register your street address as an Internet domain name for only $18.99.

Using a Realtor?

If you are using a realtor to sell your home, there is an excellent chance that they have created a web page for you that has:

  • measurements
  • photos
  • descriptions
  • pricing

To find your page, people will have to go to your realtor’s site, type in your town, and find your home. In the meantime, they are seeing listings from dozens of other homes in your area–all of which are distracting your potential buyers.

To ensure that people find your home immediately, register your street address as a domain name, and redirect it to the page your realtor established for you.

For Sale By Owner?

If you are selling your home by yourself, you are already facing an uphill battle. Without an MLS listing, you need to get the word out somehow. Start by registering your home’s street address for only $18.99 at

When you place an ad in the paper, on a “for sale by owner” website, or even Craig’s List, be sure to use your home’s domain name to make it easy for buyers to find you.


More than Just a Domain Name …

In addition to making it simple for buyers to remember and get more information about your home, your street address domain name can be used to establish a free, personal email account–even if you redirect your domain name to a web page or realtor’s site!

You won’t need an email account from one of those big email hosting companies that uses your first name and 6 random digits to identify yourself. Instead, you can set up an email address specifically associated with your home. This is included in the cost of your purchase! And it’s only $18.99 per year!

How Does It Work?

It’s simple! Just click here to Check the Availability of your desired name. This will open a new browser window. Enter your name in the white field and hit “Search.” The system will tell you whether or not your name is still available for purchase.

Remember, the “.com” is the most popular type of domain–it is the one people are most familiar with and therefore it is the most valuable. If your street address domain is still available, then simply make your purchase. If it is not available, see our What if My Street Address is Already Taken section for help.

Important: Domain names are not case sensitive ( is the exact same as Also, you cannot have spaces in domain names! When checking the availability of a name, it is best to run the words together (e.g., While you can include hyphens (“-“) in domain names, it is best if you don’t. For a complete list of suggestions when selecting a domain name, see the What if My Street Address is Already Taken section for help.

What Are You Waiting For?

Sell your home faster by making it easier for people to find on the Internet.

At the end of the first quarter of 2019, there were nearly 352 million domain names registered across the world! Don’t wait any longer – reserve your name today — before it’s gone for good!

For less than $20 per year(!), you can make your name and your product or service the same. You can have your domain renew automatically every year, or you can register for up to ten years at a time.

If you are ready to set up domain forwarding or create your personal email account, call our free, US-based tech support team. They are standing by 24/7 to help you get up and running!